Do you need your website to be developed in a way that it should be impossible to take glance off it? Is an improved search ranking Your priority? Need more sales? Relax...You got it.


We serve you the best because we care the most. So, think out of the box. Think profit. Think SWT.

A job well begun is half done. This age old maxim is perhaps the basic crux that dominates our mind and soul while we dedicate ourselves at work. Prior to engaging our persona to the lofty task of orchestrating pristine range of web development services for our clients we make sure that we delve deep into the precise client requirements and tally them opportunely with the primary conditions and parameters set before us by our clientele.

We choose to be a little fastidious at the onset so that we turn out successful in maintaining real balance all throughout the process. It is our 100% dedication at work and our personalized approach that have established long lasting transparency between our company and our revered client fraternities.

When it comes to applying our skill sets for the development of a bespoke web interface we tend to be extremely meticulous in the selection of data formats, frameworks, programming languages, protocols, libraries as well as servers. If you choose to take SWT as your technology partner for the development and design of your website then you will gain advantage of the latest versions of PHP7, SUGAR CRM, XML, JSON, API keys, SQL server, Mysql, Redis, PostgreSQL, wordpress, Python, Laravel, MongoDB, Oracle, Backbone.js, angular.js, ember.js, Ruby on Rails, SWIFT (the newest technology from Apple), coffee script, Objective C, CSS as well as SASS.

We maximize the potential of these technologies by applying them to world class web interfaces that include government websites, tourism websites, interfaces of hospitality sector, education sector (school, colleges, universities and private educational bodies etc), real estate entities, NGOs, sports academies, import and export offices, business houses, tax consultants, law firms as well as a multitude of other service industries.

There is surely a surge of web development companies right in the heart of Kolkata with a bevy of pros technically conversant with multimedia, e commerce platforms, PHP, graphics, MYSQL etc. However, what really sets our techies apart from the regular crowd is the capacity of making advanced planning and the tenacity of braving through all ordeals that might pop up during the development phase. Our front end developers have got great understanding of user friendly and responsive websites. Because of our gifted pros we can stick to international standards in whatever techie-stuffs that we intend to do and yet we continue providing our services on a shoestring.

If you are in dire need of hiring a trustworthy web development company in India that values the promises that it makes to its clientele then you would be more than welcome to give us a try. We can assure you that you would love to treasure the experience of having worked with us. So, do not shilly-shally or waver. Put your trust in our capabilities and hire us for once. We promise you a lifelong professional bonding from our end.